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i don't club comedy. I kill it.

Like Jail: Comedy Dungeon @ Jazz on the Park

100 in NYC

I started a new story blog on April Fool’s Day about performing stand-up in New York City over the years. Over the next year I’ll post two stories a week all about individual shows in the Big Apple I’ve done over the first ten years of my career. What a fun time it’s been! Check it out. Thank you and good night.

Bob And Dave Are Terrible People - 44

Joey Dougherty and I were on Bob and Dave are Terrible People this past Wednesday. We talk about pursuing a career as a human floor, how to live rent free in a Japanese man’s closet, and whether or not it’s OK for white people to use the word “Ethnic.” Also Joel Richardson calls into the show to towel up.

Steve Lipman interviewed Chris Whitehair and I about comedy for a panel discussion on TUTV called “Comedy 101.”

10 years of comedy, booze, and f-bombs at Star Bar

I performed on this show in Atlanta and the local alt weekly Creative Loafing did a cover story on its 10 year anniversary. A photo of me wound up being used and that article is pretty damn cool. Check it out.

And the Winners Are… « WitOut

So I guess I’ll post this link. I was runner-up in both the Best Stand-Up and Best Stand-Up Bit categories of the WitOut Awards for comedy… excellence? It’s an award show here in Philadelphia where your peers from the sketch, stand-up, and improv communities vote for their favorites. It’s a thing. I went.